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RetireSafe Response to Secretary Sebelius Politico Article Defending the Affordable Care Act Rationing Board
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been given a tough assignment; putting tons of lipstick on the pig that is the Affordable Care Act Rationing Board, otherwise known as IPAB, the Independent Payment Advisory Board. IPAB is widely opposed by patient advocates, heath care providers, and both Democrat and Republican Members of Congress precisely because it is a presidentially appointed body designed for one purpose, to cut Medicare funding to providers of all kinds, thus rationing care for beneficiaries. If you first consult with a health care economist to determine your treatment when you are sick or injured, then you will love IPAB. IPAB will decide what doctors and hospitals will be paid (with an emphasis on paid less) and what amounts will be paid for the drugs, devices, and therapies you need. The IPAB mission is to save money, and just eight of fifteen people (a majority) could determine your fate as a patient. Please put away the lipstick Madam Secretary, the IPAB rationing pig simply won’t fly with thinking Americans. That is especially true for the 400,000 seniors we represent nationwide.
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