The time to be counted is now!!

July 21, 2009

The President's experiment in health care is at a critical juncture. As the details emerge so do the questions:

How do we fund a program that the CBO estimates to be over one trillion dollars? Why should we accept a government program that raises the deficit rather than slows the rate of health care increases? Why should we put our health care decisions in the hands of government bureaucrats? How is eliminating patient choices a good solution?

As these questions began to emerge the President realized that the facts were getting in the way of passing his "bipartisan" health care reform and now he is in the media every day attempting to bully congress into accepting legislation that is ill-conceived and fiscally irresponsible.

Thank goodness the voices of common sense are beginning to come forth. When the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) revealed its cost estimate of Obamacare, Rep. Mike Ross, the leader of the Blue Dogs, a fiscally conservative coalition of Democrats in the House, said, in response to the CBO's huge cost estimate of this bill, "Only underscores what the Blue Dogs have been saying all along." The Blue Dogs are standing up to this fiscally irresponsible experiment.

When the American Medical Association (AMA) decided to endorse Obamacare the Medical Association of Georgia stood up to be counted in protest. Even though many of their members also belong to the AMA, they quickly formed a coalition of other medical practitioners who did not agree with AMA's endorsement and today are issuing a letter signed by over 20 medical groups voicing their opposition to the President's health care experiment.

As details of the bill were released it became evident that Physician Hospitals would be severely limited if not eliminated altogether. This again would limit a patient's ability to choose a quality health care option, proven to be both cost effective and medically successful based on patient outcomes. The bill now proposed would affect many patients, but none worse than those military veterans in the Omaha, Nebraska area. The Air force closed their hospital at Offutt Air Force Base in 2005, which served 30,000 active duty military and dependents along with 11,000 military retirees. A physician owned hospital is due to open next year to serve these veterans and their dependents, but sadly would be canceled under the current bill. This fact had special meaning to me since I was stationed at Offutt for two years while I was in the Air Force, and my family and I used the hospital there. I have fellow crew members who retired in the area and would be deprived of close, effective health care if this hospital never opens. Physician Hospitals of America (PHA)has stood up against the American Hospital Association and others who cut a deal with the administration to severely limit patient choice. PHA is to be commended for standing up for their patients.

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