RetireSafe launches "RetireSafe Listens" campaign

October 13, 2009

RetireSafe wants to hear from you. After visiting two senior expos, reading hundreds of surveys and emails, and listening first hand to many of our over 400,000 supporters, we confirmed that no one is listening to older Americans. We are going to correct this travesty. RetireSafe values the experience and lessons learned in a life of service and honor to America. Your ideas and opinions matter, and we are proud to be the conduit that will allow your voices to be gathered, magnified and delivered to those who determine the laws that affect the very core of our lives and freedoms. RetireSafe is listening, and we promise that your voices will be heard!

We began the groundwork for our RetireSafe "Listens" campaign by developing a survey concerning the current health care reform discussion. We went to senior expos in York and Carlisle Pennsylvania and over 600 people filled out our survey. We also talked with attendees there at our seminars. 
See the survey results
As you can see, 79% of the seniors who took the survey said they weren't adequately represented. The top four things that were most important to seniors were: having quality health care, being able to choose their doctor, lower costs, and maintaining Medicare benefits. The least important were: having a public option followed by making sure every American is insured. It certainly seems like the priorities of these older Americans are different than those of the current health care reform bills that are making their way through Congress.

With those priorities in mind, we then proceeded to meet with senior White House health care advisors to tell them about our RetireSafe "Listens" campaign, and to share the initial survey results from Pennsylvania. We asked the White House senior advisors if they wanted to participate in the campaign, or had any questions they would like to add to the survey. We reminded them that older Americans are respectful but committed to having their ideas and opinions heard. While the White House said that it was their policy not to participate in outside campaigns or surveys, they were very interested in receiving the results of our campaign. We pledge that we will share the results of the surveys with them and with everyone else that needs to hear your voices, including Congress.

Tuesday, October 13th, we kicked off the official RetireSafe "Listens" campaign in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We are committed to get as many people we can to fill out this survey and to participate in future surveys and actions. Our health care reform survey is an important and efficient way to make your voice heard.
We encourage you to take our survey

We ask you to act now! You can't continue to rely on others to speak for you. We ask for your input so we can trumpet your voice to those who need to hear your thoughts and concerns. We also ask for your support in helping us finance this campaign, so that more older Americans can have their voices heard.

This is the time for action. Please don't let other organizations put words in your mouth on these critical issues. Please speak up and be counted! If you don't speak for yourself, who will? If not now, when? The responsibility can't be delegated, and the time for action is now!

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