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RetireSafe Applauds ABPA for Presenting Scientific Evidence that Aftermarket Parts are Safe and Reliable Alternatives for Older Americans

Washington, D.C. (March 31, 2011) — RetireSafe, a 400,000-supporter strong national advocacy group for older Americans, today applauded the Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA) for its strong presentation on the many benefits of aftermarket parts, which was delivered at the recent Collision Industry Conference. 
As an organization which fights to ensure that American seniors have access to safe, reliable and affordable car parts, RetireSafe believes it’s critical for the public to understand that paying less for car parts does not mean compromising in terms of safety and quality.
“Studies show that seniors’ expenses have increased twice as fast as Social Security over the past decade, and that these seniors have a very hard time affording high-priced car company parts,” said RetireSafe President Thair Phillips. “RetireSafe believes that the automotive aftermarket industry does the American consumer a great service by providing more reasonably priced components that are as safe and crashworthy as those supplied by auto manufacturers,” Phillips added.
The ABPA’s presentation to the CIC was important since it provided extensive scientific evidence of aftermarket parts performing equally as well as car company components in low-speed crash tests, high-speed crash tests and other scientific studies.  In addition, the presentation by the ABPA team of engineers rebutted the apparently misleading information that has been publicized by the auto manufacturers in the past.
The 150-plus members of the ABPA are collectively responsible for distributing more than 75 percent of independently produced aftermarket collision replacement parts sold to the collision repair trade.
About RetireSafe
RetireSafe is a grassroots organization that advocates and educates on behalf of America's seniors on issues regarding Social Security, Medicare, health and financial well-being. RetireSafe expects its government to keep its promises, protect our nation, and maintain the safety and personal freedoms of its citizens.
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