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Retirement must include the knowledge that we are safe as a nation, personally secure and protected from those who prey on older Americans.

RetireSafe recognizes that to truly be safe in retirement older Americans must feel that their Nation is protected and they must feel personally secure. It is for those reasons that national and personal security has been added as one of our main issues.

Many older Americans have an important perspective on national security. They have lived through and have been impacted by foreign powers who have taken advantage of a relaxing of our national vigilance. Whether it was as young members of our greatest generation who lived through Pearl Harbor or as much older Americans who watched as terrorists killed innocent people on our own soil, these Americans have seen first hand what happens when we let our guard down. While RetireSafe believes that less government is usually best, we also believe that one of the most important and most basic responsibilities of our government is to raise and supply a powerful military that is capable of protecting our nation. Our government has shown that when it has the resolve it can produce the most powerful military in the world. RetireSafe continues to support our military and our veterans. We believe it is vital that our government keeps our armed forces strong, and that we remain ever vigilant. Americans must never again let our guard down. 

Feeling personally secure is basic to a safe and happy retirement. If we are healthy and financially secure in our retirement but are fearful of venturing out to the store, going on a vacation or participating in commerce because of fraud, then everything else is for naught. RetireSafe believes that personal safety begins with support for our law enforcement officers and those who keep our borders safe and encourage the active enforcement of existing laws. RetireSafe also supports the first responders we depend on in countless emergencies. In addition,we support the passage of stringent laws to punish cyber criminals and those who would prey on seniors. Freedom of choice means nothing if we don’t feel we are truly free to choose.

As RetireSafe embraces these two important issues, we will advocate and inform, at the national, state and local level. Older Americans should feel safe on our borders, on our coasts and in our heartland. We are excited to truly have an impact in maintaining our national and personal safety. Every older American deserves to be safe!

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