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National & Personal Security

National and Personal Security

Retirement must include the knowledge that we are safe as a nation, personally secure and protected from those who prey on older Americans. RetireSafe recognizes that to truly be safe in retirement older Americans must feel that their Nation is protected and they must feel personally secure. It is for those reasons that national and personal security has been added as one of our main issues.  We feel that our national and personal security should be driven by the following principles:

  • Support for America's armed forces and veterans.
  • Opposition to laws and policies which make our country vulnerable to terrorism.
  • Support of a strong national defense.
  • Enforcement of standards and laws related to immigration.
  • Opposition to any legislation that would detract from seniors’ right to self-defense.
  • Support for America’s law enforcement community and laws that keep seniors safe.
  • Protection of consumer rights and consumer choice.
  • Opposition to government encroachment on personal choices involving health care.
  • Opposition to government taxation on the personal choice of working after qualifying for Social Security.
  • Opposition to monopolies that limit the options of older Americans.
  • Protection of everyone’s right to privacy.
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