RetireSafe meets at White House today to discuss campaign to listen to seniors' concerns in health care reform  

Washington, D.C. Thursday, October 1, 2009 . . . RetireSafe, a seniors' grassroots advocacy organization, met at The White House today with the director of the Office of Public Engagement to discuss the organization's campaign to listen to seniors and get their views on health care reform. Representing RetireSafe were its president, Thair Phillips, and board member Dick Weiss, former Chief Operating Officer for The National Grange.

"As a result of the meeting, RetireSafe has initiated a new dialogue and a two-way communication between senior Americans and the administration,” Phillips stated.

According to Phillips, the liaison officers were receptive to the outreach and stated they would be willing for an information exchange to take place.

Phillips made the following points in appealing to the administration to give seniors a voice on health care reform: 

1) Seniors are confused and do not know who to trust. 
2) Over 2/3 of seniors polled said they did not feel they were adequately represented in Washington, according to a RetireSafe survey taken Sept. 29 in York, Pa.

Taking seriously the President's recent comment that he was willing to listening to someone with a serious proposal, RetireSafe asked for the meeting to discuss its "Listen Campaign.” According to Phillips, the Listen Campaign will help fill a gap between decision-makers and seniors. Said Phillips, "America's seniors, up until now, have had no way to voice their concerns. Our Listen Campaign will report back seniors' views to impact legislation now being developed on health care reform.” 

Phillips asked the administration to include RetireSafe in the upcoming dialogues, and to be a part of the discussion. The liaison officials said they were looking forward to the results from future surveys. 

RetireSafe is a grassroots organization representing more than 400,000 older Americans nationwide. Its mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the options and benefits of seniors and near-seniors.


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