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George Paz

CEO and Chairman

Express Scripts, Inc.

1 Express Way,

St. Louis, MO 63121


Dear Mr. Paz:

It is with extreme concern for America’s seniors and retirees (including the 400,000 senior supporters we represent across the nation) that we contact Express Scripts about its expired contract with the nation’s largest community pharmacy company, Walgreens.

Access to quality health care should not be a worry that Americans are forced to face as they grow older. Nor should seniors be denied the freedom to make their own choices when it comes to their personal health decisions. However, those will be the devastating results of Express Scripts resistance to negotiate a fair contract to renew and continue pharmacy services through Walgreens -- the place one in three Americans goes for their retail pharmacy needs.

As of January 1, the health and well-being of older Americans is at risk. We urge Express Scripts to return to the negotiating table.

Since it was founded more than 110 years ago, Walgreens has been committed to underserved communities. Today, there are nearly 8,000 stores nationwide that serve 40 million consumers every week and are within walking distance of almost two-thirds of all Americans. This kind of access is critical to retirees and seniors, who rely heavily on their trusted community pharmacist for their daily health.

We are well aware that Walgreens provides services well beyond simply filling prescriptions. In fact, they offer 24-hour access, immunizations, walk-in health care centers, and medication management programs. Denying retired Americans access to these services is much more than a business decision -- it is one that will directly affect the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of seniors. By denying access to these services, Express Scripts also assaults Americans’ ability to retire safely by chipping at health security, which is one of retirement’s major cornerstones. We urge Express Scripts to keep the best interests of seniors in mind as you proceed, just as we will keep your actions in front of the hundreds of thousands of older Americans that we represent.

Walgreens is a valued community partner upon which seniors and their families rely. As a representative of these Americans in communities across the country, we urge Express Scripts to put the health and safety of retired Americans first and to return swiftly to contract negotiations with Walgreens. The loss of these services is already proving to be detrimental to the health and safety of retired Americans.



Thair Phillips

President, RetireSafe

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