New campaign to listen to seniors kicks off at Senior Expo

New poll shows over 66 percent of seniors worry that they are not represented in Washington 

October 14, 2009 . . . Washington DC — As the nation continues its debate on health care reform, a new poll by RetireSafe finds that over two-thirds of more than 500 seniors responding to a poll expressed concerns that they were not represented in Washington. 

"After visiting two senior expos, reading surveys and emails and listening first hand to our supporters, we confirmed that no one is listening to older Americans. We are going to correct this travesty," said Thair Phillips, RetireSafe's president.
RetireSafe conducted the poll at senior expos September 29 and October 13 in Pennsylvania. 

To provide a vehicle to listen to seniors and represent their voice in Washington, RetireSafe yesterday launched its RetireSafe Listens campaign at the 50 Plus Seniors EXPO in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. To those gathered at the EXPO, Phillips said, "RetireSafe's Listens is the one place where the experience and lessons learned in a life of service and honor to America is sought out, heard, and shared, especially with the leaders who determine the laws that affect the very core of our lives and freedoms. RetireSafe is listening. Your opinions matter and your ideas will be shared. Your voices will be heard."

RetireSafe has met with senior White House advisors to tell them about the RetireSafe Listens campaign and health care reform survey and to invite their participation. Said Phillips, "RetireSafe has reminded them that older Americans are respectful but committed to having their ideas and opinions heard." 

According to Phillips, older Americans who are interested in getting their voices heard are invited to fill out surveys at various locations across the country or online at RetireSafe will share the unfiltered results of the surveys with The White House, Congress, the media, and with everyone else that needs to hear the voice of older people. 

To further communicate the views of older people, RetireSafe's website includes pictures and video which shows just how serious this debate is to senior Americans. 

He said, "These are the first steps in what we hope is a much bigger campaign to listen to seniors." Phillips added that RetireSafe will listen to what older people think about health care reform now, and other issues important to older people later on. RetireSafe wants to know what is most important to seniors, what they like, and what they don't like in policy discussions affecting them and generations to come. 

RetireSafe is a grassroots advocacy organization representing over 400,000 supporters. 


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