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Attendees at the Senior Expo in Carlisle, PA make their opinions heard

RetireSafe has so far received 1,196 health care reform surveys. These surveys were obtained from our visits to senior expos and on-line at the RetireSafe web page. The first part of the survey had nine questions concerning health care reform. The person taking the survey was asked to tell us how important each of the nine health care reform principles is to you by rating each on a scale of 1 - 5, with 1 being extremely important, and 5 being not at all important. The responses for each issue were totaled and divided by the number of responses to calculate an average. The following is the resulting average score to date for each issue ranked in order from most important to least important.

1.46 - Being able to choose the doctor I want
1.47 - Maintaining my Medicare benefits and all my present choices
1.47 - Having quality health care options for me and my family
1.56 - Continuing the development and availability of new treatments and cures
1.62 - Lowering the cost of health care for me and my family
1.72 - Controlling medical malpractice insurance costs for doctors
1.91 - Allowing workers to keep insurance when they change jobs
2.61 - Making sure every American is insured
3.53 - Having a government-run health care plan – a public option

The next question asked, "Are there any groups that represent your views on health care reform?" Of the people that responded to this question, 67% said NO, 33% said YES.

The last part of the survey asked two open ended questions, "What worries you the most about what you have heard about health care reform?", and, "What do you think should be done about health care reform? What is the highest priority?" We will publish some of the comments we received as soon as we can.

Please share the survey with your friends. The more seniors who are involved, the more credible we will be in this discussion.

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