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RetireSafe's "Virtual Hearings" on a Fair COLA

Your Testimony is Needed



RetireSafe will be providing expert testimony to Congress on the Social Security COLA problem. You are the expert on the cost of living for seniors. We want you to testify.

You don't have to go to Washington. You don't even need to leave the house. We are conducting virtual hearings.


You can submit your testimony on the web.

I don't have to tell you that Medicare premiums and the cost of groceries, fuel and prescriptions have risen ferociously. But your Social Security stays the same. Why? Because the government calculates cost of living adjustments from the consumer price index (CPI), created by economists based on the lifestyles of young urban professionals.

RetireSafe is working to create a new COLA formula based on real senior budgets.

We want your story so we can show policymakers the need for a new COLA.  We've already delivered over 200 testimonies to Congress, but we need many many more
(click here to read about our meeting with a key Congressman).

Tell Congress about your struggles to make ends meet. Tell them how hard you've been hit by the lack of COLA this year.

All you have to do is visit our
Virtual Hearing Testimony Page and type in your story. We will compile the stories and share the results with those who need to hear from you. We will hammer home the need for a fair and realistic COLA.

Please submit your story and encourage your friends to submit theirs. This is the best way to get policymakers to listen – and to hear your concerns first hand. We must act now, before another year goes by with no COLA.

The so-called experts have their formulas, but nobody knows more about the cost of living for seniors than you.
Share your expertise with policymakers. RetireSafe will make sure you're heard. 

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