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Financial Security

Older Americans deserve the benefits they have earned from a government that keeps their promises.  We believe that preserving the financial security of older Americans can best be accomplished by adhering to the following policies:  

  • Protection of the Social Security Trust Fund.
  • Equitable treatment of seniors in COLA and other related calculations.
  • Opposition to taxes on Social Security benefits.
  • Development and enforcement of appropriate laws and codes of conduct for the financial services industry and its professionals.
  • Aggressive enforcement of financial crimes against the vulnerable elderly, including identity theft.
  • Opposition to means-testing in Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D, and in Social Security.
  • Oppose the following specific taxes:
    • Social Security Earnings Test.
    • Taxes on capital gains, dividend, and interest income.
    • National sales or value-added taxes.
    • Rules that make tax-free municipal bond income taxable for seniors.
    • Rules that would threaten the tax-free or tax-deferred savings vehicles now in place.
    • Excessive gas taxes that limit senior travel.
    • Excessive energy taxes which disproportionately impact seniors.
    • Sales taxes on Internet purchases.
  • Tariffs and trade policy that raises prices on food, clothes, and energy.
  • Support of the availability of good reverse mortgages with adequate regulation and supervision.
  • Limit property taxes and support senior exemptions.


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